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Quality Assurance Systems

Valenciana de ACP employs the Quality System as a way to organise its business, basing it both on its customer focus and its products and services, and based on the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the efficacy of its Quality Assurance System, its Service Provision and Customer Satisfaction.

Therefore, the management believes that the Quality Assurance System is in and of itself a strategic and priority goal for the company, based on: QUALITY is a key aspect in the desire to maintain a competitive position on the market for the manufacture and sale of turning, milling and precision machining.

QUALITY is achieved by planning, executing, revising and improving the System of both Assurance and Service, in order to avoid potential errors.

QUALITY is aimed at the SATISFACTION OF ALL OUR CUSTOMERS through its personalisation, seeking direct communication to ensure that the products and services offered are what are actually needed.

QUALITY requires the participation and cooperation of ALL, therefore, MOTIVATION, TRAINING and COMMUNICATION are deemed essential in the company. With our Quality System for continuous verification in production, we guarantee the required quality and monitoring of the products.

To do so, we have a wide range of measuring and control appliances: internal and external micrometers, alesometres, all kinds of calibration gauges, etc.

At Valenciana de ACP, we also have an innovative control system: a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or 5-axis three-dimensional measuring machine (2000 x 1000 x 800) with automatic mode and a precision of 4.5 microns per linear metre, for the verification of parts with stricter tolerances and complicated geometries, either against plane or against CAD model with a ENACP calibration certificate.